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3ds mod chips flash cartThe 3DS Link is appropriate for people who do not prefer to spend so much but would still like to purchase a card which would be able to work well as compared to R4 clones.

The G6DS Real, the M3DS Zero, as well as the R3 Gold and the M3DS Real have been created by those who made the G6 Nintendo Ds, along with the M3 and the backup solutions for the Gameboy Advance. It is highly recognized for the advancement of the GUI and have provided additional features like the to-do lists, media player, as well as calendars.

R4 3DS ModChips

download 3ds games chipThe Super Card DSThree, along with the iPlayer 3DS DivX Movie Player, the SuperCard SC3DS are just some of the numerous cad models that have been seen from the SC team and such team has proven that they have a very strong R&D department which does relentlessly what it needs to do and is able to come up with the latest modifications for software as well as additional features.

The N3DS Card that are said to be generic which include the M3DS Simple, the R4-3DS, as well as the R43 and the N3DS R4 among others are the cases that are most copied, or rather these are the modifications that are very popular and have always been mentioned. You should no longer be surprised if you would hear people calling the DS games as R4 games rather than calling them with what their actual name is.

R4-3DS Chip - Hacked - 3DS torrents - Download Roms

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3DS torrentsThe List of sites for 3DS rom where ready-made backups can be dowloaded

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3DS modchip R4List of Flash Cards for 3DS with reviews SuperCard DS3 R43, the AceKard 3, as well as the R4 3DS.